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Cool Stuff In Paris is a website collecting information on all of my personal favorite stuff in Paris. My name is Manning Leonard Krull, and I'm a 39-year-old American web designer, illustrator, writer, traveler, et cetera. I first moved to Paris in early 2005, and after five solid years of Parisian life, I'm now living in New York and visiting Paris a few times a year, with hopes to move back in a couple years. I currently live in Brooklyn with my beautiful French fiancée and a very handsome French rabbit. I pop back over to France as often as possible, and I gather new material for this site whenever I'm there.

It probably goes without saying that Paris is my favorite city in the world, and I've been around a bit; I've visited about twenty-five countries, and while I've fallen in love with a lot of big cities, mostly around Europe, Paris always remains my favorite, and it always feels like home when I come back. I believe Paris truly earns its reputation as the most beautiful city in the world, and many other superlatives as well: Paris has some of the best food in the world, some of the most fascinating and well-preserved history, some of the best shopping, some of the most beautiful people, et cetera et cetera. It's ridiculous. There's a rhythm and a richness to life here that're really amazingly pleasant.

"I love nothing. I'm Parisian."

Every article on Cool Stuff in Paris is written by me, based on my everyday experiences wandering, sightseeing, dining, and drinking (and drinking and drinking) in this fabulous city. I feel extremely lucky to have had the chance to live here, and it makes me really happy to share my knowledge of Paris with people who're interested in visiting, and also with people who live here who may not have noticed some of the weird little details I've noticed. This site really started out as a collection of just the weird stuff, but it quickly mutated into a much bigger project, with articles on just about everything. I've tried to give my own personal insight into each subject, and help the reader see Paris, at least a little bit, as I see it myself. Give it a shot and I think you'll fall in love with Paris like I have; it's not hard to do.

In creating this site, I wanted to give visitors some insight into what a real person who actually lives here likes to see and do (and eat!). For example, I haven't flooded the Restaurants, Cafés, and Bars pages with just any old joint; these are all places that I've hung out in myself and enjoyed enough to recommend to my friends.

All of the articles, photographs, and illustrations on this site are Copyright © Manning Leonard Krull, unless otherwise noted, and may not be used or reprinted without my express written permission. No stealin'!

Feel free to write me with your comments, questions, suggestions for articles, or anything else, at I'd love to hear from you! Probably!

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