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Breakfast in America

Breakfast in America, Latin Quarter location:
17, rue des Ecoles, 75005 Paris (Map) | Phone: 01 43 54 50 28
Métro: Cardinal LeMoine | Website

Breakfast in America, Marais location:
4, rue Malher, 75004 Paris (Map)| Phone: 01 42 72 40 21
Métro: St Paul | Website

Okay, okay, I know I'm always saying, "You're in Paris! Don't go out to eat somewhere American!* Don't go to Pizza Hut, forget Subway, steer clear of Starbucks!" But this is different. Despite all its amazing cuisine, one thing that's crazy hard to find in Paris is a good American-style breakfast. The French do breakfast much smaller and simpler than we do; a bit of baguette with butter and jam or Nutella, a cup of coffee, and that's about it. So, if you find yourself in desperate need of a big hearty breakfast with eggs and bacon and pancakes, Breakfast in America just might save your life. (Especially if you're hungover.)

Breakfast in America's owner is an American guy who moved to Paris and discovered basically what I just described above, and instead of just complaining about it like all us other expats do, he decided to do something about it! The wait staff have been mostly American students the times I've been there, and I really wonder who does the cooking, because it's wonderful. I remember my first time at Breakfast in America, I was worried that French cooks couldn't possibly get American-style pancakes right, but I'm pleased to say that everything I've eaten there has tasted completely authentically American.

You've got two locations to choose from, but be warned: both places can be super crowded and there can be a really long wait (a rarity in Paris), so come as early as possible.

Bon appetit!

*Of course all of this advice applies to non-Americans as well; the vast majority of my website's traffic comes from the US, and the rest of it is almost all from the anglophone world. All of this applies to all of us!