Cool Stuff in Paris. By Manning Leonard Krull.

Hôtel de Ville — Paris' city hall

Hôtel de Ville - a great place for an execution!

For these Big Stuff articles I'm not writing a whole lot of general or historical info, since they've already been covered a million times elsewhere. I recommend my friend Courtney's article on Top Paris Sights and Attractions for that stuff!  - Manning

Hôtel de Ville is Paris' beautiful city hall. While you're taking in how pretty it is, don't miss my article about how tons and tons of executions were held right out front.

Hôtel de Ville is right in the center of town, and you're sure to run into a few times during your stay in Paris. Something to keep in mind when you're in this area is that BHV, a huge and very useful (and pretty expensive) department store is right across the street. So if you need batteries for your camera or an electrical adaptor for your iPad, keep this place in mind.

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