Cool Stuff in Paris. By Manning Leonard Krull.

La Gare

19, Chausée de la Muette, 75016 Paris (Map)
Phone: 01 42 15 15 31
Métro: La Muette

I found La Gare while searching frantically for a good restaurant for my girlfriend's birthday. It was going to be an evening for the whole family; me, the girlfriend, her two sisters, and their mom, so I was pretty nervous while searching online for someplace that would be cool and classy, with great food and with great atmosphere. La Gare delivered, and I looked like an awesome boyfriend!

La Gare is a restaurant made out of an old train station building, with a huge dining room and high, peaked ceiling. The room itself is gorgeous on its own, but the tasteful decor makes it even better; intimate lighting, warm colors, lots of curtains and draped fabric everywhere to soften the acoustics, etc. The staff are extremely classy, professional, and polite. The cuisine is typical high-end French; I had an amazing swordfish carpaccio to start, and then went for the Black Angus steak with the restaurant's homemade bearnaise sauce! Absolutely delicious. We didn't stay for dessert, because we had a birthday cake waiting for us at home, but the dessert list was incredibly tempting, and it was frankly hard to pull ourselves away from the place.

La Gare has a great website in French and English, with lots of beautiful photos of the place, as well as their full menu, and that stuff is what convinced me to call and make our reservation. As a professional web geek, I'm always impressed when a website can be that persuasive.