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The Statue of Liberty in Paris

There are (at least!) three Statues of Liberty in Paris, as well as a few other Statue of Liberty-related sculptures and models. Of course, the Statue of Liberty was a gift from the people of France to the United States, created by Frédéric Bartholdi, starting in 1870, completed in 1884, and dedicated in New York Harbor 1886 (thanks, Wikipedia). Here's where you can visit the various Statues of Liberty in Paris...

The Statue of Liberty in the Luxembourg Gardens

This beautiful six-foot bronze version of the Statue of Liberty was made by Frédéric Bartholdi himself in 1870 as part of his preparation for creating the full-scale version. It's located near the Western side of the Luxembourg Gardens, near Rue Guynemer. Right next to her, the city of Paris installed a plaque dedicated to the American victims of 9/11, and planted a tree there in memorium. I always enjoyed visting this nice quiet little American corner of this huge gorgeous Parisian park.

The Statue of Liberty at the Musée des Arts et Metiers

Musée des Arts et Metiers
60, Rue Réaumur, 75003 Paris (Map)
Métro: Arts et Métiers | Website

There's a copy of Bartholdi's original model of the Statue of Liberty (currently in the Luxembourg Gardens) in a courtyard in front of the Musée des Arts et Metiers. It's right in front of the museum's main entrance.

Incidentally, you can also see a few fantastic miniature sculptures depicting the construction of the Statue of Liberty, complete with tiny workers on tiny scaffolding, in the museum itself. They're really worth looking for!

The Statue of Liberty on the Île des Cygnes

Pont de Grenelle, 75011 Paris (Map)
Métro: Javel - André Citroën

A much larger version of the Statue of Liberty is a 35-foot replica located on a tiny island on the Seine called the Île des Cygnes, just next to a bridge called the Pont de Grenelle, half a mile or so South-West of the Eiffel Tower. If you visit the Eiffel Tower, you can see the Statue from up top; take a look at the signs that point out the various monuments and buildings around the Tower, and on the sign to the South-West you'll find the Statue indicated. This is how I first found out that this version of the Statue existed! Immediately after spotting it from the Eiffel Tower I took an evening stroll along the river to go check it out in person. You can get from the bridge right down onto the little island to see the Statue from close up.

The Flame of Liberty

Pont de l'Alma, 75008 Paris (Map)
Métro: Alma - Marceau

A sort of third but partial version of the Statue of Liberty is a replica of just the flame from her torch, called the Flame of Liberty (Flamme de la Liberté), and it's situated near a bridge called the Pont de l'Alma, at the Northern end. This copy of the flame is full-scale; it's the same size as the flame on her torch on the real version in New York Harbor.


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