Cool Stuff in Paris. By Manning Leonard Krull.

Ta Sushi

4, Rue Etienne Marcel, 75002 Paris (Map)
Phone: 01 42 33 52 02
Métro: Étienne Marcel

There are a zillion Japanese restaurants in Paris and they're mostly identical, which in a way is a good thing in that you can be reasonably assured the sushi will be pretty good! Ta Sushi is right around the corner from my old apartment and it's my favorite of these Japanese restaurant clones for a few simple reasons: the dining room is a bit larger and more open and more tastefully decorated than most sushi joints in the neighborhood, the fish is always extremely fresh and tasty, and the price is reasonable; perfectly on par with all the other sushi places whose ambiance isn't quite as pleasant (and significantly less expensive than trendy places like Planet Sushi). The staff are extremely friendly, and after just a few times eating there we became regulars and are now frequently offered a little sake on the house after our meals. I feel super lucky to have had this place so close by, and I end up eating there at least once a week. Try it if you're in the Les Halles/Beaubourg area!