Cool Stuff in Paris. By Manning Leonard Krull.

A gallery of pixel art tile mosaics all over Paris

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This one is right on the side of one of my favorite restaurants, Pain, Vin, Fromages, about a block from the Centre Pompidou.

I love this one! Let's take a closer look...

Is that one of the dinosaurs from Bubble Bobble? And is this a protest mosaic? I suspect this is in reaction to the city's frequent removal of these mosaics. About a week after I took this photo, the mosaic closest to my apartment — a classic invader-style alien — was removed. I found out because I went out to take a picture of it, and poof, gone. I hope Paris heeds this dinosaur's plea.

This is on Rue de la Ferronnerie in Les Halles, right at the spot where Henri IV was assassinated! Check out my article about the assassination to see this guy really tiny in one of the photos.

Oscar again! If you stand and look at the previous little red space invader on Rue de la Ferronnerie and turn to your right, you'll see this one above a cafe. I just compared with the other Oscar the Grouch mosaic from my neighborhood (see above), and I'd thought they were exactly the same, but it turns out this one is totally different! His arm is posed differently, the trashcan is shaded in the other one but white in this one, etc. Man, what a lame thing to get excited about! I don't know why I like this stuff so much.

Ha, another pixel trash can near the Centre Pompidou. Also, the guy pasting up big pictures of brightly-patterned toilet paper was pretty prolific for a while too, all over town. I have a bunch of pictures of his work and will get them on the site eventually.

A neat pixel-y sticker near the Centre Pompidou.

Near Les Halles.

Rue Greneta.

Quai de L'Hôtel de Ville. This one is all alone in a pretty quiet place just next to the Seine. Not the kind of neighborhood where you expect to bump into weird street art.

Quai de L'Hôtel de Ville.

Here's me having a staring contest with a pixel space invader in Montmartre, way up on the hill near Sacré-Coeur. Just behind me on the left is the Place du Tertre, and on the right is l'église St-Pierre-de-Montmartre, which is worth visiting to see a few seventh-century Roman columns inside.

Near the Centre Pompidou, on the way to BHV.

pixel ghosts or wizards or something on the Rue Debelleyme.

Rue Debelleyme.

Just off the Boulevard Beaumarchais, on the way toward the Bastille.

That's all for parts 1 and 2! I've got a million more photos of these things I need to format and caption. Feel free to e-mail me any more you find! Thanks!

Next: a few reader submissions!

Part 2 of 8. Go to page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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