Cool Stuff in Paris. By Manning Leonard Krull.

A gallery of pixel art tile mosaics all over Paris

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Another installment! These first half-dozen or so pics were sent in by pixel hunters Tayson and Senna and their dad, Michael.

Tayson and Senna point out a pixel sticker monster they discovered on Rue Cloche-Perce.

Check out this amazing pear! It's on Rue de Sevigne.

This guy is hiding out on Pont Louis Phillippe.

Pont Louis Phillippe.

Rue Saint Claude.

Rue des Barres.

Rue des Barres. Thanks again, Tayson and Senna! Great finds, you guys.

Cool Stuff in Paris reader Nicole sent in this neat little guy who lives near the Eiffel Tower, next to the fountain and the carousel.

Close-up of pixel guy near the Eiffel Tower, by Nicole.

Another submission by my pal Greg V. This one is on Rue Serpente.

Haha, this one from Adam is all Instagrammed or whatever. Rue Montmartre.

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Part 6 of 8. Go to page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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